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Property Rent & Lease Agreement

₹ 899/-

Include taxes and
Govt. fees extra.

A lease or a rental agreement is a vital legal document that should be completed before a landlord rents a property to a tenant.

Sale Deed For House, Office, & Shop

₹ 9999/-

Include taxes and
Govt. fees extra.

The agreement between you and the other party should cover comprehensively the terms on which the sale will take place and the date on which the sale will be completed.

Property Registered Mortgage

₹ 9999/-

Include taxes and
Govt. fees extra.

A registered mortgage is a category of loan where the borrower voluntarily gives the bank full rights to the property in case of loan default.

Divorce Court Decree/ Order As Per (13)B​

₹ 34999/-

Include taxes and
Govt. fees extra.

Separate from your spouse amicably, with top-notch legal support from




₹ 3500/-

Include taxes and
Govt. fees extra.

A Marriage Certificate

Torrent Power & UGVCL Name Change

₹ 3900/-

Include taxes and
Govt. fees extra.

The name change into Torrent Power and UGVCL

AMC TAX Bill Name Change

₹ 3900/-

Include taxes and
Govt. fees extra.

The name change into AMC TAX Bill

Add Name into Society 7/12

₹ 10000/-

Include taxes and
Govt. fees extra.

Add name into Society 7/12

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Deliver the required documents digitally to us and check with a legal expert.


Formulation & Drafting

Then create a draft with a drafting expert lawyer to create the document.


Signing & Notarize

Once the required draft has been made, execute it before a notary or sub-registrar.


Evaluation & Delivered

Take advantage of your delivery services once the document is executed.

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